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iCloth Computer Screen Cleaner 5 boxes of 30 pre-moistened individual wipes - iC30x5 Performance Guaranteed - 5 Pack - 30 Count/Pack - 150 Wipes

  • Designed to clean all tech device displays and touchscreen surfaces. Fast and effective. No drips, no streaks, no film. Suitable for daily use.
  • Achieve maximum optical clarity by easily removing residue, smears, dirt, fingerprint grease, sweat, makeup, everyday grime and gunk. Equally good for eyewear.
  • Proudly made in America. Our NO-RISK GUARANTEE: If your iCloth experience is not 100% positive we will make it right or refund your money.
  • Preserve good resale value: our aerospace-grade soft fabric wipes are premoistened with our purified water-based formula - contains isopropyl alcohol (not harmful ethyl alcohol) and proprietary ingredients that are safe on all sensitive optics and specialty coatings.
  • Individually-wrapped wipes come in strips of 3, 150 wipes in total. For larger or multiple surfaces try our iCloth Avionics wipes!


Always unplug cable and power down. Begin by removing any abrasives (sand, grit, anything that could scratch the surface).

Rub in circular motion or apply excessive pressure.

How to Clean an iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, Android tablet or e-Reader:
Holding the iCloth flat, wipe your surface from top to bottom in a straight downward motion. All the dirt, grease and grime will come off your screen.

Or, try the zigzag method, cleaning in a back-and-forth motion covering the entire display. As many e-readers have an inset screen, start around the edges and any build-up areas. Flip the wipe, repeat as necessary.

How to Clean a MacBook laptop, Netbook, Chromebook, Touchscreen PC Monitor:
Starting in build-up areas around the frame of your screen; wipe in straight motions, pulling contaminants away from these areas. Hold the wipe flat and wipe the screen applying even but not excessive pressure. Flip the wipe, repeat as necessary. (For large screens, try our larger iCloth Avionics Wipes.)

Common Misconceptions About Cleaning Devices with Alcohol:
Our purified water-based formula contains a small percentage of isopropyl alcohol, safe for use on all display surfaces. We’ve done extensive testing and research on the chemical resistance of the materials our products are used on. We do not use ethyl alcohol, potentially very damaging to plastics and coatings. This is a common misconception, as not all alcohols are the same. Please visit our website for more detailed information.

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