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Optico Professional Optical Cleaning wipes ( each wipe 9cm x 13cm - 1 ml fill ) For Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Eye Glasses, Lens, Glass Surface, Screen Protector, and other Glass Surface (144 Count - 3 Box of 48 Pack)

  • The action: 1 step instantly removes smudges, dirt, dust, fingerprints, germs, static, sweat, makeup, everyday grime and gunk. No dripping, no streaking
  • The cloth: Pre-moistened wipes made from ultra-soft, aerospace-grade Dupont™ Sontara® cloth.
  • The liquid: Purified water-based formula, gentle - and safe for use on all specialty coatings and all polycarbonate, glass and other plastics.
  • The package: Individually packaged for convenience - Hassle-free one-time use: Ideal for home, office, car, school and travel. Stay-moist guarantee. No spill, no mess: Quick-drying.
  • The result: Sparkling visual optimization for your lenses and screens. Anti-static, Anti-fog. No lints or streaks. Just clean and clear.